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Originally Posted by Daniel Grenier View Post
Actually, the QSC CP8 is cheaper than the DBR10 by $24 this weekend (10% off sale on QSC till Monday). And, a bonus for me, the QSC is smaller and lighter while packing close to the same punch (124dB vs 129 for the DBR10). I am also thinking the QSC might be sturdier as the Yam's casing is apparently made of weak plastic.
Sure looks good for the QSC!
I replaced my DBR10 with a CP8. The CP8 has better bass response and makes a better bass guitar amp which I was kind of surprised to discover (when we practice at my house it is all I've got for my partner's bass guitar). Blasting Steely Dan Hey 19 in my cavernous basement I could not tell the difference between the two of them. The CP8 is slightly lighter, significantly smaller, and has a much better handle (actually comfortable and not a cut out of the case material like the DBR10). I am a retired EE and the build quality of the CP8 looks better to me. The DBR10 was four years old when I got rid of it on eBay and it never let us down. We've done some large room gigs with that single CP8 with no issues and plenty of headroom. When MF runs a 15% off sale they are both the same $340.
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