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Default Restless by Gordon Lightfoot (cover)

Gordon Lightfoot released this song in 1993, clearly a song written by an older songwriter, thinking about his dad and the autumn of his life. My YouTube friend Moosehead, a huge Gordon Lightfoot fan, asked me if I might consider doing this song a couple of days ago. I had never heard of it, but found it on YouTube, ordered the CD, and learned it. I recorded this today. What a cool song!

The opening and the closing images and several in between were of a sunrise taken from the cockpit of a commercial jet airplane by First Officer Kane Hooworth. My friend Mach Buffet, a pilot, sent this photo to me and Kane provided permission for me to use it. An absolutely stunning photo taken with an IPhone. The other sunset images and the autumn photo were taken by my wife, and she also provided permission for me to use these images.

Thanks for watching! - Glenn
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