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Don't know as I'd care to spin one like a football , but yea, they had some radius on them!
Mine are not so radiused, 10' back, and 10' cylinder on top. Mine are 3-7/8" at the end pin and 3-3/8" at heel. Larsons were actually deeper near the waist, I understand. One of the unanswered mysteries, I think is whether they used flat tops and "bent" them over the ribs to get the radius or whether they used curved bracing. All that has ever been discerned is that they were built "under tension". I use a flat top and bend it over the 10' radius on the ribs. My backs are curved.
Hi Steve...good to see you around. I haven't been keeping up much in the last year as I've relegated building to a hobby again and build what I want. I have also returned to photography as it gets me out walking; good for my COPD. Lost 26# last year!
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