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In the '0s I was deeply into the London R&B scene -saw the Stones, Mayall, Jeff Beck, Cyril Davies, Alexis Korner,the Yardbirds etc, and was tutored by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards about what country and Chicago blues players to explore. Charlie Watts taught me drumming styles and within a year I was in my own R&B school band which went on to be tolerably successful. We opened for acts like the Who, Graham Bond (with Clapton and Ginger) but I've told that story.

Some time later I played in a soul band, keyboards, saxes etc., so I got into that.

Then into heavy rock, stuff like Free etc.

Saw Tom Rush at a festival and got into singer songwriters - took up guitar. Favoured the Texas singer songwriters with Guy Clark easily at the top of my list.

Shared a flat in London with another AGF member and he introduced me to country rock and bluegrass.

Then, much later I got into"new old time"

Acts like this :

and :

and :
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