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In terms of what I play, blues and rock and singer/songwriter stuff. Mostly. Played a lot of electric blues and rock as a kid, lots of jams, bands, etc. Now I play a lot of electric blues and am trying to learn acoustic fingerpicking blues. Other than that most of my acoustic playing has always been just finding the chords to songs and strumming/picking them and attempting to sing them. I'm only an OK guitarist at best and I'm a MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better guitarist than singer. But I sing anyway, just not within earshot of anyone if I can help it. Stuff like Stones, Dylan, Neil Young, Dead, James Taylor, Beatles, Springsteen, Petty. Just whatever good songs catch my fancy, mostly fairly simple ones to play and really simple ones to sing.

In terms of listening, I like anything related to the blues. Be it rock, jazz, R&B, soul, old time country and bluegrass, gospel. And, of course back to the original blues as well. Anything that gets too far from that tends to get pretty far from me as well.

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