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Originally Posted by Doubleneck View Post
Interesting, wonder how it compares to the schertler contact pickup. I don't any one selling this pickup and or what the price is. Schertler is very expensive.

I've never used the Schertler Dyn G contact pickup, but from recordings I've heard it takes quite a lot of EQ to balance the tone.

The amazing thing about the Ehrlund pickup is that once you find the correct spot to attach it, you actually need very little EQ to get a decent sound - basically much the same as you would use for a mcirophone.

Sadly, I don't think Goran Ehrlund has made huge efforts to market his pickup around the World and I had to buy mine directly from him using an international bank transfer. However, at UK prices, it only costs about a third of the price of the Schertler Dyn G, which makes it quite an attractive proposition.

I suspect that with the right marketing it could sell very well.

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