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Default Martin OM-28 Fishman vs Martin OM-28E LR Baggs

Here we compare the Martin OM-28E Fishman vs the Martin OM-28E LR Baggs. Which do YOU prefer & why?

The first half of this video features FLAT EQ. At the 1:11 mark, the video replays, and I applied some EQ to each pickup.

The Fishman system is the Aura VT Enhance with the Aura at 100% and the Enhance bridgeplate sensor on 75%.

The LR Baggs Anthem-equipped guitar is set with the Lyric bridgeplate mic at 100%.

The guitars are plugged into the Mesa/Boogie Rosette Amp, with the EQ nearly flat. I have a very slight cut in the high midrange to combat some quack. The amp's direct XLR output is fed direct into my computer - you are not hearing the amp's speaker and there are no mics used.
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