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Originally Posted by Mark Hatcher View Post
I have this Greta ready for finish today. It's EIR with Alpine Swiss Moon Spruce and Cocobolo trim (a little bling on the heel cap). It's left handed, has an arm bevel, and large sound port.
Other features include;

Semi-hemispherical fret end dressing
25" scale
Lattice braced active back
Hybrid lattice braced top
Rosewood neck
and more to come!
Mark, how do you find the rosewood neck as far as how the instrument's balance is at this stage in construction? This may be the only acoustic guitars with a rosewood neck I've come across and I've been searching around for people sharing any experience with them - most people discussing them suggesting it'd be too heavy on an acoustic guitar. They're not uncommon on boutique electric guitars (EIR, cocobolo, kingwood, etc) but I can't say that I was able to find an acoustic example. Thanks for any input you have.

By the way, it's another beautiful guitar! I can't say I've seen anything less than extremely well thought out and executed in the choice of top, back/sides, neck and appointments on your instruments.