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Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post
..with fine grain, medulary rays, character... this cedar ticks all the boxes.
I know, just optics... superficial... yes, it has to sound great as well, but if it does and looks good (to me anyway, tastes differ) what’s not to like.
I know I probably am a minority with this, but I actually do not prefer the perfect pale, almost white spruce- just referring to looks.. I would nonetheless take it for sound if I had a possibility to compare.
.. not to start a discussion here ;o)
Thanks Lonzo, you are not alone in this. I think there is a growing appreciation for great sounding woods that have a little character.

Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
That cedar looks amazing, Mark--can't wait to se what you create with it!
Thanks Nemoman. I’m looking forward to all the possibilities too!

Thanks for commenting
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