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Default Western Red Cedar Tri-Color Floatwood

I re-sawed this Western Red Cedar floatwood billet I posted about a couple weeks ago:

I was able to get 11 1/2 top sets from it. After re-sawing the sets I stickered them which prevents cracks and warps from occurring while the tops humidity acclimates to my shop:

Now that they have stabilized and I can show what they look like:

I took the first set and the last set to shoot. You can figure all the other sets are in between. I put a quick wipe of shellac on them so you can see the color in the tops. I especially like how red the reds are.

Here's a closer view with a Penelope guitar tracing:

They are perfectly quartered with absolutely no run out. I'm getting all the tap tone I could ask for!

Thanks for viewing!
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