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Originally Posted by Lonzo View Post
... that really is a veeery nice ringout of the year! Looks fantastic!
...even with a purple background for the party

Seriously, this is gorgeous!

A healthy and happy new year to everyone !
Thanks Lonzo, Purple seemed like the right background color for this guitar. I don't think I've used that purple background for seven years when I built a similar Josie that was Cocobolo with very curly Koa binding.

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
I love the art deco pieces, not inlays, but on-top-of lays haha and that butt wedge inlay is amazing. I also really like the fret board markers.

Someone is getting a beauty.
Thanks Tom there is a lot going on with this guitar. It also has the wedge, multiple bevels, 13 frets to the body and some killer woods.

Originally Posted by Hanter View Post
Some real special woods used on this Josie “Tree” and it’s coordinated perfectly! Gorgeous instrument. Happy New Year Mark!
Thanks Hanter, all those browns and reds come together really well. It's a pretty fancy guitar considering it's all woods without the traditional abalone. We're planning on gold Evo frets.

Originally Posted by cigarfan View Post
I'll say it again. An amazingly gorgeous guitar!

A very happy guitar owner is anxiously waiting.

Happy New Year!
Thanks cigarfan and I hope you keep saying it for a long long time!

Originally Posted by ukejon View Post
Love learning more about Gerry and your commitment to traditional techniques. Great to see.
Thanks ukejon, It's great to have suppliers who are as excited about what they do and have to offer as I am. For example ,I was talking with Brent at Alaska Specialty about the Red, White, and Blue guitars I am doing and he got all excited about some wood he's recently split and put aside. He says, "Oh I got a couple tops that work great for what your doing!" So he sends me some pictures of some bearclaw Sitka floatwood tops that have all three colors of the Red, White, and Blue already in them:

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