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Originally Posted by Steve DeRosa View Post
I used to own a '46 Blackstone, and IME they're seriously undervalued on the market (as are virtually all New York Epiphones) - you'll probably pay about 20-30% less than a Gibson L-50 (the closest comparable model) in similar condition; BTW if you're used to Gibson archtop tone be advised that the tops are carved to very different specifications, which translates to the uniquely Epiphone "cutting power" - more even across the board, versus the characteristic Gibson lower-midrange "thump." Unless you live in the Northeast Corridor they can be relatively scarce - this was considered an advanced-beginner/semi-pro 16" instrument, situated between the entry-level Zenith (the latter of which outsold/outlasted the Blackstone, which was discontinued in 1949, and was still produced in nominal quantities into the Kalamazoo era) and the Spartan, Epi's pro-level 16-incher (also discontinued by 1949) - but if you have a line on a nice one they're well worth checking out...
Exactly and if one is willing to go for a 17" body the Epi Devon is one of the best values around for a vintage, carved top archtop. Same guitar as the higher priced Triumph and Broadway, less glitzy. Beautiful sound, yes, with cutting power, but also great clarity across the full range and wonderful natural reverb.
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