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Hey! I'm JDB too

So, from one JDB to another, Thank you! Jeff!

Being a bit of a photobug myself, I know photos never do the actual subject justice. It brings me joy to hear first-hand reports like this, although there has never been a doubt that this was going to be a sum product that far exceeds my expectations. Joel has been an absolute delight to work with. I look forward to hopefully meet with him in person at some point in the future. His attention to detail, his willingness to listen to his client, and the humility with which he approaches his craft is commendable. The guitars he is building at this point in his luthier career is a promise of even greater days to come.

Thanks again, Jeff, for looking in and sharing with the thread.

Jeff D. B.

Originally Posted by J.D.B. View Post
I made a trip down to visit my friends Joel and Steve and discuss some of the aspects of my upcoming build with Joel. I got to see the progress of your build in person and I know you will be very pleased with it when you take delivery. The whole package looks fantastic. It will look even better when it gets the finish applied.

Jeff Bishop

p.s. For the attendees at B.I.G. : you are going to see some fine instruments from Joel and Steve!!
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