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Default A Neck Up

Now that the body has been completed, it's time to move on to building the neck. When we started this project, Joel told me about his grade A stash for one-piece mahogany necks. Here are his words reminding me of the earlier conversation we had about the same.
I have a wonderful supply of old-growth Honduran Mahogany that had previously belonged to a retired woodworker...who had kept it in his shop for over 30 years, but not used it. It came in the form of 4” thick beams that are 12-16 inches wide and 8-12 feet long...perfect for cutting into 4”x4” blanks for solid 1-piece necks.
I'm pretty stoked to say the least about this bounty and can't wait to see how this old-growth mahogany marries up to the beautiful quilted maple. Here are couple of shots of the neck blanks.

More to come!!!
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