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Originally Posted by guitaniac View Post
I've always thought that the mid cuts on mags needed to be a little lower than the mid cuts on piezo pickups, say the 600Hz to 800Hz range for mags and the 1KHz to 1.5KHz range for piezo pickups.

I'm beginning to have second thoughts about the Black Angel mag. I initially used a 660Hz cut with the Black Angel, but I'm now getting better results with a 1.2KHz cut. I honestly can't tell you if the need for that cut is more a function of the BA or the particular guitar its in. I just know that the 1.2KHz cut is sounding better to me.
My experience is similar to the OPs and Guitaniacs. With USTs, I usually cut around 1-1.5khz and it seems mags like a lower mid cut.

HOWEVER, with my Black Angel Piezo & Mag, I EQ it a little differently. Using my Pendulum SPS-1, I notch out 60hz on the piezo SBT, set a somewhat wide Q on the midrange and cut around 700hz, and then (with a med-width Q) boost the highs around 5khz. On the mag, I boost the bass around 150hz (I think) cut the mids a little around 280-300hz and then again around 1.5khz as that gets the mud and honk out of the way and lets the best bass and treble frequencies complement the piezo.

So, I've found, like Guitaniac, that there's room for the nasal freqs to come out of a mag and that EQ is not exclusive to USTs. As a matter of fact, I think the mystical Sunrise buffer box not only amplifies and buffers the signal, but widely scoops the midrange and enhances the bass and treble. They say it accesses the "coupling" feature unique to the Sunrise but that EQ is, kinda, generically "acoustic" sounding as it is. The EQ I apply to the BA is similar and I don't think it's coincidence that some really like the Buffer box with the BA.
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