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Default Value of Learning Piano Basics to Improve Guitar

I did not grow up in a musical family, so learning guitar as an adult has felt like learning a second language. It has been a wonderful and challenging experience and I would describe my skills as solidly intermediate with dreams to be able to play at an advanced level some day.

My teenage son is already an advanced flute player and we will be hosting an international piano virtuoso for the next six months, so getting a nice piano went from being a hope to someday idea to just bought a used Charles Walter upright yesterday.

So, with time always a limiting factor, what encouragement or suggestions do you have on the value or best approach for me learning some piano basics to grow in my guitar playing? My thoughts are improving basic musicality like ear and stronger theory, but I'm not sure it's worth it just because it feels like I'm already getting at some of that through the guitar and starting piano puts me at the very foot of some huge mountain.

Appreciate whatever support, insight and practical suggestions are out there in the AGF universe.

Thanks, Jake
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