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Originally Posted by CoffeeFan View Post
Actually, no, I can't imagine someone saying that, primarily because you can't swing a dead cat in Florida without hitting a Martin dealer.

In the last 25 years, though, I think I've stepped foot into only three or four Bourgeois dealers, and I've visited a lot of guitar stores

Bourgeois has only two dealers in the entire state of Florida, and neither of them are within a three hour drive. One of them deals only in left-handed guitars, so that leaves me a single option. I'd have to drive five hours to Miami to try one of only seven guitars they have in stock, and that's hardly compelling, especially when you consider that two of those guitars are listed at over $13K and $18K.

Consequently, it's far easier to test-drive Martins. There are 14 Martin dealers within 100 miles of my driveway.

Hey, I've no doubt that people love their Bourgeois guitars. They must have something going for them to have such a fan base. But, for me, the one I played was a complete waste of time, and opportunities to play other examples have just never really materialized, and my one experience with the brand was pretty negative...

For whatever it's worth, and most of you already know this, but I've found that when demoing really nice guitars, it takes a good bit of playing before that guitar sonically wakes up. The physics of wood and steel seem to make this so.

So I try to put my immediate first impressions aside, hard as that might be. After a while, I get to hear the true sound, which is inevitably better than I first supposed.

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