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Originally Posted by Baker Rorick View Post
Beautiful! Congratulations, Josh and Michi! Yes, there have been a few recent luthier-built-guitars-as-art gallery shows and exhibits in past couple years, including The Group of Seven Guitar Project, Jamie Gale's Boutique Guitar Showcase presentation at Art Basel Miami last December, and seven new-directions builders (including Michi Matsuda) at Tokyo Art Fair just a couple months ago. To the best of my knowledge, though, this is the first solo show of its kind, so kudos!!! Encouraging trend, hopefully more to come. Bring it to NYC after?

Hey Baker!
Good to hear from you and thank you! Iíd forgotten about he Tokyo show (Michi was there!). It is an encouraging trend. Trying to do my part.
Dude, yes! Letís talk soon, eh?

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