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I'm an absolute novice when it comes to recording. For me the simplest and most utilitarian tool I've used for recording ideas, for improving my playing and for creating new pieces has been a looper pedal that can save and recall loops. I play plugged in most of the time, even when practicing and so a looper is always at hand.

I recently bought a pair of condenser mics (MXL993 and 990) and set them up for recording unplugged. For now, because of logistics I'm using my Zed 10fx mixer as an interface and Garageband as a DAW. I also had to buy a couple more mic stands, cables and an extension chord. The first few attempts at recoding was an exorcise in frustration, it's slowly getting less frustrating.

In my practice room where I play plugged in I have a PC with Mixcraft 8 on it. I've tried a few recordings with it, I still have a lot to learn about it.

Of the three recording methods I use, the looper is by far the simplest, most intuitive and most useful for "I'm planning on recording some of my songs to listen to them and improve on my playing. Most of it is finger style."
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