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(ok, so I've officially derailed my own thread...)

A respected member of the AGF community emailed me and suggested, to be safe, I still apply for a CITES permit or Musical Instrument Certificate (MIC). Well, I suppose I could try, but if the person(s) who actually process my application see that the plant/wildlife species included in the instrument are, in fact, NOT regulated by CITES, wouldn't they be obligated to reject my application and kindly inform me of my error?
Sure, my application might be mindlessly passed along and approved, permit issued and sent to me. But I'd think that if someone involved in processing my application noticed that none of the species listed were actually regulated by CITES (i.e., the Pernambuco exemption for finished wood products like...GUITARS!), they would have to summarily reject the application, as a matter of the agency's internal policies. Otherwise, you could have people needlessly getting these MICs for a guitar or other instrument with any and every conceivable non-CITES regulated species, and creating more confusion for customs officials who happen to be reviewing the documents when presented at a point of entry with an instrument to be checked out.

Wow, what a digression...hopefully we'll be back to the build soon! Thank you all for your kind indulgences...hang in there, Tim!

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