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Default Time to make the purflings...

I think Pernambuco is a beautiful wood. It's not the most photogenic wood, but if you see a finished piece in real life, it is incredibly warm, vibrant and nuanced in color. Another thing about Pernambuco is that it doesn't play well with other woods! Pretty much nothing seems to pair well for bindings, purflings, etc., in my opinion. So we decided to stick with "black" as the contrasting color throughout the instrument.
I asked Tim to make some 5-ply purflings for the body, to complement the Pernambuco bindings. The purflings consist of Ebony/Pernambuco/African Blackwood/Pernambuco/Ebony. The ABW is the center of the purflings and is noticeably wider than the other purfling lines. Tim chose ABW over Ebony for this wider purfling line because it bends easier than Ebony.

Here are the five layers ready to be glued together.

Glued and clamped.

Cutting the purfling sheet into purfling strips.

5-ply purfling strips.


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