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The Case Extreme shell is strong and highly protective but also quite bulky. It will come out as oversized baggage, and then you have to stash it in your hotel room. It won't always fit in the trunks of smaller rental cars or taxis either.

The main downside that people have reported is that TSA doesn't take the time to reinstall the foam "bones" that isolate your guitar from the sides of the case. After opening you guitar up for inspection, they just toss everything loosely back in there and close it up again to bounce around. Even when instructions and diagrams are clearly posted inside the Case Extreme, they simply don't bother.

I've chatted with Bruce Lamb, who invented Case Extreme. Nice fellow, and I'm not trying to dissuade you - just letting you know the "rest of the story". He also runs The Guitar Workshop ( His instructional videos are quite nicely done, if any of those topics or teachers appeal to you. I have them all......
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