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You will get more answers, and, as usual, ask 10 luthiers a question and you will get 11 answers, but here is my take.

From Lmii : "The boards are slotted with a nut slot offset to correct for fret saw blade kerf for compensation purposes so that the bridge edge of the slot is at true zero. "

For the fret slots at, say .022" wide, the center of the slot is the point where the string touches the top of the fret, so the edges of the slot are each .011" from that point. At the nut, the cut is moved a bit long so that the center of the old slot is now the edge of the new slot where the nut starts.

As for carving - mount the fretboard with the pins thorough the fret slots so you can always get it on in the same place repeatably. Some glue it on and work to it. Making a template out of clear plexiglass scraps from the hardware store, or even s shirt cardboard, helps get the right shape - make one for the first fret and for the 9th-11th fret depending on how many frets clear you will be using. There is plenty of guidance on the innerweb on duplicating a neck you have.

Since the nut and 12th fret width are only a little wide and there will be very little work to do to take it all down to your spec, perhaps a course file, followed by a scraper would be all you need. Always start in the center to get the thickness right, then when it is straight from end to end, draw a pencil line down it and don't ever remove that pencil line. I find it easiest to draw pencil lines down the length of the neck where I will be shaping the sides to help figure out where I am removing wood - work a little, then redraw the lines while leaving that center line. Try working with facets - flat surfaces - down the length of the neck to get close with the file, then just a little file work between facets to more round it, then some scraper work followed by sandpaper held in the palm of the hand.

Good luck


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