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Default Looper advice/recomendations

Im hoping someone can help I'm looking for advise/recommendations.

First hears what Im trying to achieve. Im currently using a RC 3 and am looping live (no pre stored loops). I loop Rhythm guitar progressions then solo over the top. I use a Roland SPD Kik as a stomp box. Id like to be able to loop the percussion (stomp box) eg play one bar and loop it then be able to switch to a second loop channel to create a loop of the Rhythm guitar of obviously of a different length to allow for playing a solo.

Im looking for a loop pedal with the following features.

Two channel allowing loops of different lengths
A dedicated stop button (no double tapping) and hold to clear or the ability to control these features with an extension pedal (as is possible with the RC3).
Small footprint I have a large pedal board but limited space.
Id like a XLR in for a mic although not essential.

Ive purchased a RC30 but am returning it as it lacks the hold to clear feature already mentioned.

Thanks in anticipation
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