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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
What are "pan" controls? Is that just a right or left balance? Why would they be set incorrectly?

So you are saying to combine both L & R channel outputs from the mixer into one? And then feed that one output into the Fishman and basically just use the Fishman as a speaker? That would be fine as long as the mixer has effects like reverb built in. Ideally I would like to keep things simple and just add the capability of 2 or 3 more inputs to the Fishman.
If you have a stereo mixer, and most are stereo, you'll have a "pan" control knob on each channel. That sends the output of that channel to either right or left output of the mixer. You could send your vocals to just the left speaker if you wanted. Since you are just running "mono" into one speaker, you can just leave the pan control straight up at 12:00 o'clock.

For best results in your set up, just run either of the mixers outputs into the "monitor in" on the back side of the Fishman. You can control overall volume with the 'Monitor in" on the top right of the front panel.

You don't need Y cables or to plug into the input channels 1 & 2 on the front. This way all the e q and volume is set at the mixer as long as the monitor in volume is set high enough. The master volume on the front won't control volume, only the Monitor in will control that, because you are bypassing the Fishman's integrated mixer.

In the event that you need more channels, you could use inputs 1&2 on the front panel. They would be separate from the mixer plugged into the back. You could use the Fishman's gain, eq, and master volume for those two channels with no ill effect on the mix from the external mixer. The master volume will only control the mix from channels 1 & 2 on the front panel. It will have no effect on the mix from the external mixer plugged into the back.
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