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Originally Posted by Jamiejoon View Post
WOW. Another knockout. You guys are really tearing it up this year. That Spanish cedar is incredible, and the whole guitar is (to me) very tasteful.
Thanks Jamie. The Spanish Cedar really came alive under finish. This design was a long collaboration where our client wanted to be involved in almost every step. Thatís hard to do to keep a cohesive design scheme, but we are very pleased with where it ended up.

Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
What a beautiful instrument! Way to go!!!

Mind blown here...
Many thanks Paul!

Originally Posted by TomB'sox View Post
Well, that is probably my favorite Kinnaird of all times and that says a lot!

No room for a "K" anywhere though?
I donít think Christie will be letting go of this anytime soon. Favorite Kinnaird? Now that is saying something because you have some of the best ever made! Actually Christie really wanted us to include a ĎKí somewhere, and we went round and round about where to put it. The back of the peghead was the most likely place, but in the end, we were so pleased with the product as a whole that we decided to just let the label do the work.

Thanks again.
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