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Originally Posted by Chris Ensor View Post
You can't just show a picture of the thing crated outside and not follow up with a picture of it installed....
Hey Chris,

Yeah, you're right. Installation took a bit longer than anticipated. The saw runs on 240v which I had available but, then the issues began. Seems the circuit board that I have in my shop is from a company that went out of business a while ago. Apparently, they had circuit breaker issues that stuck and caused a lot of fires. They weren't real forth coming with the data. They were burning down about 2,000 houses a year. Sooo I had other things to worry about for awhile.

Yesterday I got it up and running. It's a Grizzly 22" 5hp saw that I'll use exclusively for resawing and straight cuts. It works wonderfully!

Mark Hatcher

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