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Originally Posted by IndianHillMike View Post
Thanks and that's a tricky question... French polishing can be a bit mysterious in that sometimes it just works. Other times, I can spend 45 minutes polishing the top and come back the next day and feel like nothing really changed. Typically I'd say I probably spend 3 weeks working on the finish with much more active working time at the beginning (especially when filling pores and the initial sessions). Towards the end I might polish for the top for 20 minutes, let it sit for 4 days, then polish again for 20 minutes.

Thanks for the reply there about the FP. As ever this forum provides a source of education!

I didn't know that a finish could take 3 weeks, I can understand why luthiers favour lacquer finishes!

Great progress on the guitar, I've been meaning to head to TAMCO if your guitar is there when I make the journey to Brighton I will definitely play it!
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