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Originally Posted by upsidedown View Post

I thought of that too, and it's kind of hard to measure with bridge in place, but mine comes up about 2 mm short of dead center of Stew's specs.
Option B might be right.

BTW, I have no way of knowing whether or not mine is original. Exhibits A and B below, for anyone who might wish to weigh in:

Absolutely original equipment.

I'd find a scrap rosewood bridge. The top or the bottom section will do as it doesn't matter. Then take the 3rd string out of the slot, and file a decent size V notch.

Then take a scrap of rosewood from the donor bridge section, and glue it in with Crazy glue. After that it's a matter of sanding the scrap down until it's flush, and then re-slot the section.

Grain direction, of course, should be maintained so as to avoid string groove wear & tear.

It appears from the pictures that if you were to 'rock' a short straightedge on the strings just in front of the bridge that it would NOT touch the G string because it's out of the 'radius plane'.

This is not rocket science, and requires a modicum of skill and tools.

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