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Default To Acoustic Archtop Players - Strings query

Hi, I have three lovely archtops - - a Harmony Monterey, an Eastman AR805, and a Gibson L-4 ('34). all of them are rather underused but I've just realised that I haven't given them new strings for some months.

I started using nickel wound strings because my first archtop had a floating pick-up, but now all are strictly acoustic.
However, over the last year or so, I have discovered that I really prefer nickel wound strings on my F5 Mandolin, so I think I'll stay with nickel(ish) strings on my archtops.

I prefer medium gauge strings - (12 or 13 to 56), so, I could get basic D'addario EJ22s or Dunlop performance - or the fancy D'addario "Nickel Bronze" for 150% of the price.

I'd be interested in your comments/recommendations.

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