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Originally Posted by jaymarsch View Post
...not that I am trying to hijack the thread, but if anyone who uses them can also clarify something about the guages, I would be grateful. I usually use standard light strings (12-54) and I play in some dropped tunings (CGCGCD). If I wanted to try out the DRs, would I need to get a higher guage in the DR Sunbeams to have the right tension? I have heard that they are different than the usual guage strings but is that just in feel or tension as well?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Hi Jayne...

I think your fine staying with 12's. You will likely just feel the difference. I play in DADGAD, Drop D, Open G among others and tried all of them yesterday on my LG1. They all sounded great with 12's. I may try a set of 13's on my Advanced Jumbo soon as I think they will feel more like 12's when playing but still drive the top a bit more on the Dread size guitars.

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