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Originally Posted by JonWint View Post
There is no bevel, but the contact width is only about 1/8" wide.

This is the Martin factory jig. (I ran out of pixels with enlargement.)


They have a bit organizer board with about 30+ bits. Side and top ledges are cut in the same pass. The vertical guide plate may be beveled. But I don't think it is adjusted from back to top routing.
Yeah, I saw that on the Martin tour which is what gravitated me toward this idea. I saw a woman using that jig. She held the guitar bodies up against hers and was zipping through a guitar body a minute. She had the technique down and she didn't stop for long between guitars to adjust the jig. I'm guessing she was working in blocks of guitars with the same specs. She was working so fast there were 5 people doing the next step and she was STILL building up a backlog.
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