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Thanks fitness1. Other boutique stores do have stock, but I did notice the clearance prices some places. I was tempted to call a couple of these stores and ask about their experiences, but since I don’t have a relationship with them I would be worried abut the answers plus I wouldn’t want to put anyone in a compromising position.
Thanks Ceabebeaba. I have been to Hanika site, and they have an impressive array of options, but I have no idea what they cost and the 30” fingerboard radius is a show stopper for me. Perhaps I will write to them and ask if there are other options… I am particular to 24”.
I have run down so many alleys on this- I don’t want to pay north of $6k (half that is stretching it), which seems to be the price of admission most places I look. Kremona custom shop won’t do a custom neck profile, Godin has the perfect neck but no RW/Spruce/cutaway option. Several big names won’t do the 2” classical neck- only crossovers. I was leaning towards getting in touch with Cervantes- I have spoken to him before but have never seen nor touched his instruments. Maestro ticks so many boxes but is a big unknown to me. Hence my post.
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