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Originally Posted by ckmurf View Post
Not the old low-end Gibsons, I am referring to the bespoke guitar company in Singapore- their BMOC Hozen did the Somogyi tuning workshop, and the story goes that he brought back a new set of skills to the company.
I have been looking at the Maestro website, although not cheap they offer a lot of customization for a very competitive price. It looks like their forte is steel string guitars, and they show up at some of the better boutique dealers, but Iím not seeing a lot on the web about their classical offerings.
Anybody have any experience with their instruments?
My guess is they are extremely new....I've known about Maestro for several years, but had never seen a classical. When I googled Maestro Nova, nothing came up at all.

I found it interesting that when I just went to The North American Guitar site (former Cotten Music in N-ville) They used to have a full stock of Maestros - now there's not a single one, and I know they had some clearance prices on them. Makes one wonder if there was some quality control issues.
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