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As I am looking over the pictures that are still coming in I'm already looking forward to next year's McJam.

The pictures make the joy more real to me as I can't be every place the cameras are. As I gave a tour there were activities coming and going and ... my heart is filled with thanks to all of you who helped set up, feed the group, clean up, play music, visited with our newbies and became a part of the fun. A special thank you to 14 years Rodger for helping to keep me set on schedule, 14 years of Bruce being the human juke box and I'll add Dennis to the special list for displaying a good supply of the pictures for y'all to see.

A big thank you to our kind newbies as one came and shared information about guitars for Vets, those of you who purchased guitars, wore the shirts and the lanyards faithfully, took interest and learned a little hooplah from Tim, my family who supplied the ice, food, stories and enjoyed the adventure he's heard about for the past few years.

I have to learn there will always be enough food as so many of you did bring special dishes and nobody went hungry. THANK YOU for making sure that food line was filled with more than enough. I forgot to pull out the key lime cheesecake on Friday and then we ate it Saturday but ....grrr... Tim had driven all the way some 50ish miles to Columbus earlier in the week so he could offer McJammers his favorite treat of White Castle cheesecakes on a stick and then .......... I forgot to pull them out of the freezer on Saturday. I was busy making sure Steve had his Watergate Salad my mom always made for him. For some reason he's not complaining about that mistake. If COVID keeps us home for any reason he will be quite content eating those all winter.

So ... stay in touch. Text me often. We are still building guitars. If you want to have some more fun be sure to meet see Dennis's Re-echo at the Artisan Guitar Show in Harrisburg, PA next April.
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McJam Ohio June annual event - contact Tim or me in PM
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