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Originally Posted by leroyspuds View Post
I have a K &k pickup in my Martin and use a K &K Pure xlr pre-amp. I play in a bluegrass/Americana band. Sounds good but I need a volume boost for soloing. I’m not knowledgeable on impedance matching and pedal chain placement. Would like advice on how to achieve the boost with something that will be compatible with my pu and pre-amp, retain natural K & K tone, and not cause feedback. Thanks.
I got a Fishman Platinum Pro a while back, and sold my K&K Pure XLR. The advantages of the Fishman are the variable boost, sweepable mid range, built in tuner, compression, notch filter, and mute switch. (On the negative side, it can't run on phantom power.)

Basically I wanted more control and capability in a live situation. If you get one, you might find it brings you other benefits in addition to the boost.
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