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Generally, on all solid wood guitars of this quality, a true separation in the wood will almost always follow the grain pattern of the wood. It is very rare that a crack in an all solid wood instrument will run against the grain, and when this is the case, it is usually because of some catastrophic injury caused by a severe impact.

So, in this case, does the visible surface crack follow the grain of the wood, or does the surface imperfection wonder and meander across the grain anywhere along its length. In my experience repairing acoustic guitars, surface finish cracks, or "checking", looks as if it is meandering around on top of the wood underneath, often (although not always) without any sense of direction. A real structural crack in the top will follow the grain of the wood and will be parallel to this grain pattern along its entire length.

Hopefully this will help for now, until you get it checked out out by your tech.

By the way, I too find it fascinating to peer inside acoustic guitars .
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