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Originally Posted by hakkolu View Post
Hi, I noticed a single crack on the surface of my Archtop guitar (Gibson L5).
I am taking it to a tech this weekend but a forum collective wisdom would be appreciated. Please take a look at the link below for 2 photos. Do you think this is a surface finish check/crack or Wood Crack? It is a 2012 model.
From one angle it looks like a scratch, but from the other a possible grain separation.

What I would do is get a small mirror that you can hold and place it underneath that area via the F-hole.

Then shine a very bright light directly at the suspected area. If you can cover the majority of the F-hole as well, and do this in the dark, I believe you'll see any possible issues.

Most cell phones have a very bright light that you can practically lay against the wood. Spruce allows the light to come through at the typically thicknesses used on solid top guitars.

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