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Default The Tone is in the Top...

This photo shows the installed Brazilian Rosewood/curly Koa rosette installed in the Italian Spruce top.

The second photo is from Mark’s notebook in which he records the data for each guitar that he makes. This page shows some of the Chladni modes as he works the Italian Spruce top of my guitar. What Mark calls Mode 6 relates to the long-grain stiffness of the top and Mode 5 relates to the cross-grain stiffness of the top. Mark considers the long-grain to cross-grain stiffness ratio of his tops important to the final sound of his guitars.

You can see how these two modes come closer together frequency wise as he adds the rosette (added mass) and cuts the sound hole (interrupts the long-grain fibers) with the final Mode 5 and 6 frequencies ending up only 6 Hz apart indicating to him a top with nicely balanced top in terms of the long-grain to cross-grain stiffness ratio.


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