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Originally Posted by Steve DeRosa View Post
I was surfing the net and I came across this beauty - the uber-rare Epiphone Emperor Concert:

Yes folks, that's a genuine 1949 New York original in dead-mint condition - a near-twin to Johnny Smith's personal guitar, and one of only three known to exist; here's the back story:

Had the "classical archtop" school not essentially crashed after WW II (a result of Segovia's 1928 American debut and the subsequent adoption of the Spanish-style guitar as the concert-hall standard, as well as changing postwar musical tastes), I could easily see one of these as a virtuoso soloist's instrument...
Looks big!

Bit of a bittersweet ending to that story:
It was always treated as 'sacred' in our family so it's only been played a handful of times and has been in its original case pretty much the whole time.
I'm intrigued by what you refer to as the "classical archtop" school. Who were members of that academy?
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