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Default KENT CHASSON "Craftsman Style” Concert No. 99 (Engelmann/Wenge)

Kent (Chasson Guitars, Bellingham, WA) is building a custom version of his “Concert” model for me. We both happen to share a passion for the designs of the historic US Craftsman design movement of the early 20th century. These designs focused on honest construction, simple lines, quality of materials and many times were reflective of elements in nature (think of artisans like Gustav Stickley, Roycroft, or architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Greene & Greene). We plan on integrating design elements into this guitar influenced by a variety of artisans, architects and craftsman. Since we are still developing the details of the design, some decisions regarding the top, back/side choices are still open because my sonic goals can be met by a number of routes.

This flat top is being built for my playing style; which is flat pick and fingers, solo jazz chord melody. It will have a cutaway to allow for easy upper fingerboard access. The instrument will be designed to be dynamic to touch, favor strong fundamentals with some overtones, sustain, warmth in the bass register and crystalline trebles. It should provide playing contrast to my archtop and gypsy guitars.

More details to come, once the design is finalized and the build begins in earnest.

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