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Originally Posted by DarkestDreaming View Post
Even if it is a pair of Rode NT-5s in an untreated room? I'm hesitant because i've heard a lot of crappy recordings done in that manner... and something better than the above scenario will cost me a small fortune. How much do you think is a good budget to allocate for a good home recording with acoustic guitar, factoring only mics and room treatment.
You can do a lot on a budget. Check out the $500 total budget example I posted toward the end of my "Evolution" thread. I could get a much better sound than that with a bit more attention to details. Here's the track, so you don't have to chase it down. Zoom H4n, a pair of Audio Technica AT2020 that I paid $50 each for. No room treatment.

May not knock you out, but I don't think it sounds "crappy".

An example of a budget commercial recording I know of is Adam Rafferty's Christmas CD. He recorded that on a Zoom H4n with a pair of NT5s in an untreated bedroom. Even a Zoom H4n with the builtin internal mics ($299 total) will beat the sound of a pickup.
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