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OK, here's a mix. This isn't really what I expected to do, I didn't realize you were trying to record with just a pickup. Please, try mics! It will change your whole perspective. I'd be glad to help out again if you try using mics and need some help figuring it out. Meanwhile here's the best I could do with the mono pickup recording:

Here's your original:

Original Mono pickup recording

And here's my attempt at a mix:


I'll save the project, so if you want to know details about settings, I'm happy to provide them. But basically. I used iZotope RX to reduce the hum, and also cut off the beginning blank space so you don't hear what's left of the noise. I used a limiter on the track, set to just trigger on the percussive peaks. This reduced them by about 6 db, without touching any of the non-percussive parts, which then lets me raise the overall volume of the track. I used Logic's stereo simulator to add a little bit of fake stereo. That's debatable, but I think it's a little better than the mono. This plugin works by EQing each side differently, producing differences that your ears hear as sort of stereo. I added little midrange boost to warm the track up, about 3db centered at 18Hz. I added a generous amount of short "room reverb", with a reverb time of 0.8 seconds - this adds some space and again sort of substitutes for being mono, adding some width, and then a tiny bit of longer reverb, about 3 seconds. Top it all off with the Ozone maximer compressor to bring up the overall punch.

I think it sounds pretty nice for a pickup, but it's still a pickup.
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