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Originally Posted by DarkestDreaming View Post
However, i dont think we'll use that as a reference track because he was recorded on a baritone guitar,
yeah, that will likely have a very different sound, but I'll check it out.

The track was not mixed at all.
Well, that's a "mix" happening at your preamp level. I was assuming you were using an external mic, tho. That's quite a good sound for a direct pickup recording. I'd say don't bother with redoing it, what you really need to do to get some real mics into the process - just separating the pickup sources out isn't likely to be that much help compared to what you have. Did Antoine really record this tune *just* with a magnetic pickup? Listening to it, it seems unlikely, there's a lot of stereo going on there. I could believe it's at least one external mic and a mag, more likely 2+ the pickup.

In any case, so what we're really doing here is mixing a pickup recording, which is a pretty big handicap compared to the sounds you're trying to mimic. I know I've beat this horse to the point of death, but I assume the real question behind your original post was "how do I get a sound that's like what I hear on modern fingerstyle recordings?". And the answer invariably is "start with a good stereo micing technique". That's how it's done. You'll never match the sounds you hear on 99% of contemporary solo fingerstyle recordings with a pickup or even a single mic.

I'll make a stab at a mix of this and post it shortly, but I don't think it will really achieve what you want, because we're starting from the wrong point - a pickup.
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