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I'm very, very new to recording at this level of detail so I really find this discussion interesting. I need to first say a big THANKS for all the information you guys have contributed! Tremendous help to a noob like me.

Doug, hope you don't mind me asking. When recording the pickup, I'm guessing plug a cable in the guitar with the other end into the recording PC? And do you recommend putting an EQ preamp in between?

Reason I ask is because I tried plugging my guitars and recording direct (use the PC's mic/line in, not really optimal I know, but I was curious. And I have yet to buy my first PC preamp interface). They all sound, trying to find a better word for it but.

When I compare that sound to the spill I was getting from another mic (H1 used as usb vocal mic), the more it sounded very different.

...the experiment and recording continues...
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