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Originally Posted by DarkestDreaming View Post
Not a problem, Doug. This is after all a forum where a free flow of information should be happening
OK, great. I'll do a mix and post some info as a follow up shortly. But, a couple of questions and comments right off the bat.

It helps to have a reference track. This is very much in the style of Antoine DuFour, so I'm assuming that's the sound you're shooting for? Do you have a track whose sound you like? He tends to have different amounts of reverb, for example. Stylistically, I thought Wapus was very close to your track, but let me know if you hear your ideal mix as being more like something else.

As far as your basic track, the biggest issue is that it's mono. With a few rare exceptions, the sound of modern fingerstyle is stereo. I'm wondering if you're thinking that the openness, etc, of finished tracks like Antoine's come from post-production? Part of it is for sure, but the biggest single difference in your track vs Antoine's sound is that he's in stereo. Recording this with 2 mics would make a huge, huge, huge difference. Did I mention huge? :-)

And of course, you've already partially mixed this. Even having the separate pickup and mic tracks would provide more options during a mix.

Your track sounds pretty good, tho, other than being mono. There are two main issues.

The 1st is a bit of hum, clearly heard in the beginning. I can knock that down or out, but I'd suggest tracing down the source. I suspect it's coming from the pickup.

The 2nd one is that the levels are rather hot. You have a lot of percussive peaks here, all hitting at 0db. Unless you did some processing to create this, I assume you just recorded too hot, and they're clearly clipping. They're so short and sharp that it's not a huge deal, you won't hear the distortion, but in general, you want to leave some headroom, at least a few db above the highest peak. You have plenty of room with 24 bits, no reason to record that loud. You can bring up the final level during the mix and mastering.

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