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Originally Posted by Harmony123 View Post
Definitely center of 100% undivided attention. Haven't thought much about stories - maybe I should do a little research on the songs between now and tomorrow!

Here's what I'll be playing:

Save The Last Dance For Me
Love Yourself
Freebird (without solo :-)
Hey There Delilah
Wicked Game
Rhythm of the Rain
Tears In Heaven
When You Say Nothing At All
We each see things in our own way and from our own perspective. Here's my view...

Those songs on your list are great songs that are well recognized by a large number of people. I can't imagine why any of those songs would need a verbal intro at all. There is nothing wrong with some communication or repartee with those around you in between songs, but those songs don't need any explanation as far as I can see. Every time a singer provides an intro to a song that doesn't need one, he risks insulting the audience.

Regarding the metronome, most of us guitar players experience that tool as a practice tool. It's not a performance tool. Once you have practiced with the metronome and you know how to keep the beat and the proper tempo, you should be able to internalize that information and not need the metronome for a performance. You referred to using the metronome as a "major faux pas." From a musician's standpoint, I think it is.

A drum machine or similar is more of a performance tool. Used right, it may not be a detriment, though if you can do these songs without it, it's often better. Some of the songs on your list -- Save the Last Dance for Me, Wicked Game, Freebird, maybe Rhythm of the Rain -- might work okay with a drum machine if used judiciously.

YMMV, of course. I hope some of this helps.

- Glenn
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