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Originally Posted by Harmony123 View Post
Definitely center of 100% undivided attention. Haven't thought much about stories - maybe I should do a little research on the songs between now and tomorrow!

Here's what I'll be playing:

Save The Last Dance For Me
Love Yourself
Freebird (without solo :-)
Hey There Delilah
Wicked Game
Rhythm of the Rain
Tears In Heaven
When You Say Nothing At All
Nice list- fortunately I know the stories behind the songs I want to pass on-

I'll start with an original I wrote last November- Coffee and Cigarettes- as a kind of introduction to my thought processes-

After that I'll just explain why the next song strikes my fancy- that selection is an on-going, at this point, process- I want one song theme to segue into the next somehow and that depends a lot on the reaction of the crowd- again. fortunately, I know a lot of songs-

But, I was advised to do two covers then one original- so that's what I'm working towards.

Good luck! And have fun!
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