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Default Anybody know about an Orpheum Commodore?

Pretty sure this is a wall hanger, but a guy in my Guitars for Vets class brought one in and asked what I thought. Quick google search tells me not much - wide range of orpheum guitars, but I can't tell if a Commodore is a good version or a generic 1950's item.

This is an all acoustic arch top in pretty poor shape. Neck isn't twisted but is a bit bowed and would have to be fixed. Not clear whether there is a truss rod - nothing showing on headstock. Some separation of top/sides on lower bout with a Cowboy repair at some point. Otherwise seems sound structurally.

No idea of age but I can get to a stamped serial number if it might be worth something repaired. Wild guess on repair is $1K.

I'm guessing I will tell him to put it back on the wall, but I'd hate to steer him wrong. Thoughts welcome. I can post a couple pictures if it might change the answer.

Thanks for any thoughts.
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