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Originally Posted by S.bowman View Post
Especially for those rooms that you just can't get your sound in when performing.
We're veering far from Barry's quest to record with a pickup, but I'd say ToneDexter is useful in the opposite situation. The people I've seen not like it tend to be those who play difficult rooms, or places that are noisy enough or have bad enough acoustics that no one would notice the difference anyway, or where a "realistic" sound just gets lost in the noise. I tend to play "listening" rooms, where it's quiet, and the acoustics are reasonably good, not difficult to get a sound at all. It's just that in that situation - as with recording - people can actually hear your guitar, and I hope, at least, that they're listening. And if they hear a quacky pickup that's not going to be good. Heck, if *I* hear a quacky pickup, I'm not going to play well. That's where ToneDexer et al come in.
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